Bridal Shower MIM

A friend of mine is getting married, so in her honor our mutual friend and I threw a bridal shower for her. A first for me, I’ve never even been to a bridal shower, I immediately started brainstorming ideas for how I wanted the party to look. I knew I wanted it to be pretty, festive, relaxed, and fun. Searching sites like to find my inspiration, I came across a lot of good ideas like Chinese lanterns with butterflies pasted on, a Gossip Girl inspired bridal shower that had a lot of good elements to steal, and others that seemed too cheesy or theme-y to me. I came across the first picture which combined with the butterflies became the inspiration for the “Whimsical Garden Party”.

Bright colors on a light background mixed with elements of nature were the perfect combination of feminine without being girly, and bright without looking like a Disney film. Butterflies, birds, and natural elements became the veins that would tie together the look of the party.

With every event I put together, whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or a dinner I like to add my own personal touches so as to keep it unique, keep it fresh, remain original, and create something that the guests will have hopefully never seen before. For this bridal shower, I obviously was going to make the centerpieces, but I also wanted to make a bigger statement, so I decided to make the place settings along with place cards and handcrafted plates that would reinforce the look I had put together in my head.

The centerpieces remained natural with lots of fresh flowers in bright colors, wire bird cage candle holders, and topiaries I made by attaching moss balls to terra cotta pots. I attached store bought butterflies to the topiaries and hot glued pink paisley ribbon around their rims to spruce them up a bit.

For the dinner plates, I found images of birds on the internet and Xeroxed them onto neon papers at Kinkos. After cutting them out and gluing them to the backside of glass plates. I used lace fabric to as a mask to decorate the back with a pattern. After a lot of experimenting with various color combinations (pink on white, blue on white, pink on blue) and paint types (hint: florescent pink spray paint does not cover well) I settled on colors combined with white. I knew I wanted to alternate colors on the table so I masked all the plates with lace fabric, spray painted them white. I removed the lace and let them dry then painted half of them pink and half of the blue. Aside from the paint bleeding through a few of the birds on the front side, I was ecstatic with the result.  Below are examples of the blue plates, both in progress and on the table I neglected to take pictures of any of the pink ones, my bad.


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